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Paris, France

Job Type

Full Time Position

About the Company

Located in the heart of the Saint-Honoré market square, the Nomad’s has been the Parisian meeting point for all epicureans for more than twenty years. Recently, it has shown its new ambitions through a renovation project that is part of an innovative environmental approach.

Dear to its founders, the Nomad’s places its diversity at the heart of its new reason to be. Discover here a multi-faceted place, for a tenfold experience shared between escape and conviviality.

Within the Parisian Golden Triangle, the Nomad’s naturally consolidates its identity around a range of its different functions. Find an authentic place that offers both a catering area, a craft store but also a space for all your events.

About the Role

Nomad's is looking for new Waiter (M/F) to complete its team in the dining room.

Skills and know-how :

- Welcoming and accompanying the customer
- Knowledge of the menu and suggestions
- Order taking, table service and cashiering
- Clearing and straightening of tables
- Setting up service consoles
- Techniques for carrying plates and serving on trays
- Knowledge and respect of HACCP standards

Know-how :

- Sense of customer service
- Autonomy and reactivity
- Availability
- Team work
- Correct presentation required

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